It has been a long process—slowed by the pandemic—but our talented facilities team persevered! Interior renovations to the “New Nichols” are complete. Residents moved into their beautiful new home last week! The “New Nichols,” located at the site of the former Penthouse, is home to all current Nichols residents and a 2018 graduate of The School at Springbrook GEMS program. Resident Laurie McKeen shared, “This is the house I will be in for the rest of my life. I love this house!”

The “New Nichols” features an open floor plan, ranch-style construction, a beautiful back deck, and single-story living. The new home is a much-needed addition to the Community Homes program, providing an accessible home for the ever-changing needs of the people we support. House Manager Lynn Denslow explained how fantastic it is for the residents to have a large outside deck to enjoy and how much easier it is for older residents to move around without using stairs. “Residents would ask me all the time when we were going to be moving to the new Nichols house. Now that we have moved, they are so happy to be here. This house has a lot of open space for everyone to enjoy,” Lynn commented.

We bet that residents are ready for some warm weather, so they can enjoy the new deck and get grilling!

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