10 years is an incredible milestone for a career, especially in this day and age when people change jobs often and the average time in a position is just over four years. We are immensely proud of these milestone employees and are pleased to bring their stories of celebration to our community!

Stacey Grady – Director of Development

Today we celebrate Stacey Grady for her 10-year Springbrook Milestone! Stacey started at Springbrook as the Assistant Director of Development and, a few years later, in 2016, was promoted to the Director of Development, where she continues to lead fundraising initiatives. Stacey is very passionate about her work and enjoys doing it because it gives her “a full heart.” While not always directly working with students and residents, Stacey’s work allows Springbrook to continue offering excellent services and opportunities for everyone who chooses Springbrook. Stacey shares, “I’ve stayed at Springbrook for the people and the mission. The people I work with are the best humans anyone can ask to have in their lives. There is a level of dedication and humanity that isn’t found just anywhere. I think my opinion is valued, and decisions aren’t made quickly or lightly. The longer I’ve worked here, the more relationships I’ve built, which is only a positive for me and the work of my department.” Thank you, Stacey, for your service and expertise, and congratulations on your milestone.

Jeffrey Carreras – Shared Aide Snell GEMS School

Congratulations, Jeffrey Carreras, on your 10-year Milestone at Springbrook! Jeffrey has worked at a handful of Springbrook residences in many different positions. He is currently a Shared Staff at the Snell House on the main campus. Coworkers, friends, and family describe Jeffrey as funny, very straightforward, and hard-working. We asked Jeffrey what advice he would give newcomers to Springbrook, and he said, “Don’t take things too personally. Remember, you’re here for the residents. This job is not just a paycheck. Learn from the residents, and everything will fall into place.” Thank you for your years of service, Jeffrey, and what fantastic advice!

Bridget Lamp – Assistant Director Community Services Supported Employment

Today we recognize Bridget Lamp for her 10-year Milestone. Bridget began working at Springbrook through the Self-Directed Services department as a community habilitation employee. In 2013, she secured a full-time position to start the Employment Services program at Springbrook, which has now grown to a department of 8 that serves 70 people. “I have enjoyed being able to assist people in becoming as independent as possible by guiding their employment journeys,” said Bridget. “Working at Springbrook has provided me the opportunity to grow as a person through my relationships with my team as well as the community at large. I have been given the opportunity and flexibility to develop a program from the ground up and am thankful for the guidance of the administrators who have assisted me in that process.” Congratulations Bridget on your achievement and thank you for your dedicated years of service and expertise.

Cyndy Davis – LPN On Campus Nursing

Congratulations, Cyndy Davis, on your 10-year Springbrook Milestone! Cyndy started at Springbrook as a direct support professional at The School at Springbrook’s Penthouse Residence. While working at Penthouse, Cyndy went to school and earned her LPN license. She enjoyed the hands-on interaction with the students as a DSP and appreciates that now, as part of the clinical team, she is still able to work directly with students and residents every day, helping them with their medical needs.

Many of Cyndy’s most memorable moments at Springbrook stem from Springbrook’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. “Seeing how everyone at Springbrook came together during COVID really stuck with me,” she said. “It was inspiring to watch the house staff bond with the residents as everyone was adjusting to so many changes. It was great to see everyone come together.” Thank you for your years of service, Cyndy, and congratulations on your Springbrook Milestone.

Paul Beltz – Assistant Residential Manager

Today we celebrate Paul Beltz for his 10-year Springbrook Milestone! Paul started at Springbrook as a DSP at West Oneonta and moved shortly after to Grandview Community Home, where he has spent most of his 10 years of service. Paul enjoys his position and usually takes residents to medical appointments. Paul’s favorite activity at Springbrook that he organizes, prepares, and cooks for is the Grandview Annual Pig Roast. Paul comes from a background of 30 years of restaurant management and enjoys the change in occupation. When we asked Paul what he gets out of working for Springbrook, he shared, “I simply like making a difference in people’s lives.” Thank you, Paul, for your service, expertise, and kindness. Congratulations on your Milestone.

Bethany Nichols – Day Habilitation Assistant 

Today we recognize Bethany Nichols for her 10-year Springbrook Milestone! Bethany first started at Springbrook in 2011 as a residential counselor and two years later became a day habilitation assistant. “Springbrook has made me appreciate the things that I’ve been blessed with in my life,” said Bethany. “It has made me appreciate the time I get to spend with my family more and more each day.” Bethany takes pride in making a difference in the lives of the people she supports. Congratulations on your Milestone achievement, Bethany, and thank you for your years of service!

Luke Moran – Photographer and Videographer

Congratulations, Luke Moran, on your 10-year Springbrook Milestone! Luke started his Springbrook career as a respite worker while he was in college. After college, he began working full-time at Penthouse and was eventually transferred to Sunshine House. At Sunshine, Luke worked as a one-on-one support staff and became a NYS certified teacher’s assistant. In 2017, he was promoted to the marketing department, where he now works as the photographer and videographer for Springbrook. Luke brings his positive attitude, creativity, and enthusiasm to work every day–you can be sure that when he takes your photo, he’ll always give you a reason to smile. He shares, “I am inspired every day by my awesome (almost) six-year-old, Liam. He is the kindest, most thoughtful human I have ever met, and I want to be more like him when I interact with people.” Thank you for your years of service, Luke, and congratulations on your Springbrook Milestone achievement.

Kara Budd – Assistant Residential Manager – Glensbridge

Congratulations to Kara Budd on reaching her 10-year Springbrook Milestone! Kara is the Assistant Residential Manager at Glensbridge and she does a great job providing quality supports and services. Thank you for your years of service, Kara, and congratulations on your Milestone achievement.

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