We introduced the COUNT program in February as a way to enhance conversations between staff and their supervisors. Each month, every Springbrook employee meets with their supervisor to Communicate personal and professional concerns, discuss any Obstacles that prevent work from getting done efficiently, give Updates on different achievements and the ways they have made a difference, receive News from their supervisor, and talk about any Training or professional development opportunities that might exist. At the conclusion of the meeting, the supervisor puts a sticker on the corresponding month chart on the inside of the card.

At the 2019 Executive Presentations, all in attendance turned in their COUNT cards. A $50 gas card was raffled at each session, and then all COUNT cards were put together at the end for the drawing of two grand prizes of $500. The session winners were:

Keith Devost
Marissa Wamsley
Enrique Carrasco
Alex Baah
Robert Johnson
Anna Ferrucci
Hannah Hitt
Emily Livshin
Crystal Corbett
Jonathan Philby

and the grand prize winners were:

Catherine Forgit & Laura Addesso

Congratulations to all who won; even if your name was not drawn for one of these prizes, all those who turned in a card will receive a $5 Dunkin Donuts gift card via interoffice mail during the month of August.

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