The Thank You Challenge

This weekend we are celebrating Appreciation Days. It’s time to thank your Nurses, Teachers, DSP’s, and your mother (Sunday, May 10 is Mother’s Day)! Your creative challenge this weekend is to make a card, drawing, poster, or other creation using whatever supplies you have to show how much these heroes mean to you. Then share a picture or video with your creation. In the picture or video tell the person (or people) who you made it for why they are special to you. The idea is to use whatever materials you have around. (No purchase necessary).10 entries awarded for the prize drawing for each completed project.

With the Main Campus Home Unit Semi-Formal evening of dinner and dancing coming up on May 15th, Main Campus houses can INSTEAD create rainbow-themed decorations for the event. 10 entries will be awarded towards the prize drawing for each completed decoration.


Participate in the Eye-Spy Challenge


Click Here to download this weekend’s Eye-spy board. Mark off as many squares as you can by working together as a team. Discover ways to find items like going for a van ride, taking a safe walk in a large area, or by finding them virtually. 10 entries are put into the prize drawing for each completed board.


Mighty Minutes Tracker


Use this sheet to track the minutes of movement. We are focusing on your weekend minutes, but there will be extra credit for doing it every day of the coming week. An individual prize will be given to the person displaying the most improvement.


Cooking Challenge


This week, Chef Alyssa is making Pasta Salad! See if you can tell which ingredient is Chef Alyssa’s favorite thing to eat. 10 entries awarded into the prize drawing for each completed pasta salad. 10 additional entries will be awarded for the most creative ingredient substitution. The ingredients Chef Alyssa uses are 1 box of rotini pasta, tomatoes, black olives, manzanilla olives, cheddar cheese, and your favorite dressing (Chef Alyssa uses a mixture of Italian and balsamic vinegar). You can add, omit, or substitute any ingredient that you’d like!

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