Light It Up Blue Challenge

How many residents and staff can you get to wear blue on the same day? Coordinate and count the number of people you can get to participate and receive one prize drawing entry for each person participating. 10 extra points for a group picture taken holding an Autism Awareness Sign.


Participate in the Eye-Spy Challenge

Click here to download this weekend’s I-spy board. Mark off as many squares as you can by working together as a team. Discover ways to virtually find items like going for a van ride, or taking a safe walk in a large area.

Mighty Minutes Tracker

Use this sheet to track the minutes of movement. We are focusing on your weekend minutes, but there will be extra credit for doing it every day of the coming week. An individual prize will be given to the person displaying the most improvement.

Cooking Challenge

Watch “Cooking with the Easter Bunny” and create your own Easter Dirt Cups. For this week’s challenge, you will need a few ingredients. Oreo Cookies, instant pudding, coconut, milk, peeps, and miniature Cadbury eggs. Don’t have all the ingredients? No problem! You can get creative. 10 extra points are awarded for the house with the most creative ingredient substitutions. Another 10 additional points will be awarded for the most residents participating in the challenge. Click here to see the video!

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