Almost every morning, Linda walks from her apartment to The Latte Lounge—a coffee shop in downtown Oneonta, New York. “I have been coming here [the Latte Lounge] since this place was called The Magic Bean,” Linda shared. “I like to see all of the people I know around town. It is good for me to walk, and I like seeing the people who work here.”

Gray skies and cold weather were not enough to stop Linda from getting out of her apartment—though her morning walk sometimes takes a little longer in the wintertime.

Over the course of her five-block journey, Linda took great care at every street crossing she encountered. “We have to wait for the signal to tell us to cross because that’s just the way you do it.”

After arriving at her destination, Linda found a place to sit before getting in line to place her order.

Most mornings, Linda sits and enjoys her breakfast and quiet time alone.

Traci and Ramon—along with all of the other employees at Latte Lounge—have gotten to know Linda pretty well over the years. Linda said, “I love seeing everybody. I really like seeing the people I know.”

After breakfast, Linda, as she often does, chose to get a few more steps in by walking to Stewart’s gas station down the road.

After getting a bottle of water, Linda set her sights on the chips. “I shouldn’t eat these…” she said with a smile. She paid for her items, then stopped to speak with Reilly, the assistant manager of this Stewart’s location.

With a satisfied appetite and tired legs, Linda decided to take a taxi back to her house. Amy, a driver for a local taxi company, recognized Linda, and struck up a conversation. The two discussed plans for the coming week on the way to Linda’s house.

“I enjoy being able to do things myself, and I appreciate Springbrook for helping me when I need it. I am very happy, and my life is good.”

While Linda’s story is uniquely her own, it is not the only story of its kind at Springbrook. The people we support work hard every day to improve the quality of their lives, and we are proud to be a part of every single moment, both large and small.

Linda's Springbrook Moment

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