Today we are recognizing Taylor DeCook for her 5-year milestone accomplishment. Taylor is a behavior specialist for Springbrook Community Homes. She is a Springbrook Scholar and earned her master’s degree through the program. Taylor expresses gratitude for the “supervisors, mentors, and coworkers who support me and challenge me to always look at a situation in a new or different way.” She shared that she cannot wait to continue growing professionally and personally.
One of Taylor’s favorite memories is from five years ago when she first started at Springbrook. She was touring all of the community homes, and in one of them, she was greeted by a gentleman playing his guitar. The smile on his face struck Taylor as he played a tune on the guitar, and she often thinks of that moment when she is having a difficult day. She loves being “constantly surrounded by joy and unique personalities” in her day-to-day work. Taylor hopes the staff at Springbrook remember the “incredible impact” they have on the people they support. Thank you, Taylor, for having such a positive attitude, and congratulations on your milestone accomplishment!

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