If you have walked through the passageway of the Ford Block recently, you may have stumbled upon various winter accessories hanging on the wall. These are part of a project coordinated by Lacey Layton, and this year will be the ninth year that Lacey has collected scarves, hats, and gloves for those in need during the cold months. Lacey also regularly cleans up garbage from the space and checks the stock of winter gear. What makes this project so unique is how accessible it is to those who donate and pick up warm accessories when in need. Anyone is welcome to leave donations or take what they need whenever they pass through, making it an approachable space for everyone.

Lacey shared the project’s origin, “I had a house fire back in 2013, and my family and I were left with nothing. The community came together and did so much to help us. We are still so grateful. Not everyone is so lucky, and some people are embarrassed to ask for help. Transportation and store hours can also be difficult to work around. This project was started to support anyone in need to grab winter gear without worrying about being judged.” With the help of Springbrook contractors, hooks, baskets, and a sign have now been added to the entryway of the Ford block passageway for all of the winter donations. Thank you, Lacey, for your work on this project!

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