This #SundayFunday marks the official start of Direct Support Professional (DSP) Appreciation Week 2021! Throughout the week we will be thanking and celebrating our hard-working, essential DSPs with “shout outs” from students, residents, friends, family, and colleagues on our social media channels and website. Further, we have been honoring the outstanding work of our essential employees throughout August and September by highlighting our Milestone Employees. We have a few Milestone Employees who wished not to share photos, quotes, or profiles, for various reasons. We respect their wishes, but want to acknowledge their achievement! So please take a moment of your time this week to help us applaud our DSPs and the achievements of our Milestone Employees and let them all know just how appreciated they really are! #DSPRW2021 #ThisMoment #SpringbrookNY

2021 Milestone Celebration

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