#SundayFunday came early for the students of the Kids Unlimited program and of The School at Springbrook this Thursday, which marked their 100th day of School! Can you believe it? Early Childhood Access Coordinator, Jacqueline Mac Davitt, thought that it would lift the little ones’ spirits to see 100 balloons represent their 100 days to help them celebrate this milestone. With the help of Certified Teaching Assistant, Lisa Macumber, they got to work: with scissor and paper, the two of them cut out 100 balloons and placed them around the classroom. The young students loved it and displayed their gratitude with BIG smiles, as they looked in awe at the number of balloons! One child was skeptical that there were 100 balloons and took some convincing, LOL. The children really appreciate this sort of activity and it makes the day for Jackie and Lisa to see their smiles. Thanks to the wonderful employees at KUP, who go above and beyond to bring a little joy into the lives of the children.

The School at Springbrook was not left out of the fun! Special Education Teacher, Wendy Johnson, and her cohorts, Classroom Teacher, James Leech and Special Education Teacher, Alyssa Horton set up a 100 heart all-school scavenger hunt. They wanted to get the kids up and moving and put their math and independent skills to good use. Looking at the pictures here, it would appear that they succeeded. Over in home economics class, students had the opportunity to decorate 100th-day t-shirts—the kids wore their t-shirt throughout the day and enjoyed sitting down for snacks after all the fun! John Martin sported his 100th-day shirt as he worked diligently on a puzzle.

Enjoy the photos from The School at Springbrook celebrating their 100th day! These photos brought a smile to our faces, and we hope they bring a smile to yours! #SpringbrookNY #TheSchoolAtSpringbrook #GEMS #Golisano #KUP #KidsUnlimited #Education

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