Laurie Spicer has worked at Springbrook for 33 years and counting. She has held her position as the Recreational Therapist for the School at Springbrook since September 1986. Along with her work in the GEMS Residential Program, Laurie has also been planning themed dinners in the Family Engagement Center for the past year. Residential students come every Wednesday for Laurie’s themed meals—like her recent Little Mermaid dinner with stuffed shells as the main entrée. Laurie shared that her next big goal at Springbrook is to become a bowling coach for the Special Olympics Program. “Springbrook is my one job for a lifetime,” she shared. We thank Laurie for her continued years of dedication and going the extra mile for all those who receive services through Springbrook!

Make Laurie's Goal a Reality!

You can turn Laurie’s goal into reality by donating to Springbrook for the Special Olympics Program. Click the button below to donate!

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