Springbrook is proud to announce three initiatives to support their employees and the community in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. The organization is an essential service provider and Otsego County’s third-largest employer, with over 1,300 employees. Springbrook currently supports over 1,200 people and families across the region.

Springbrook’s organizational approach to the COVID-19 virus has been proactive, focused on reducing exposure and protecting residents, students, and staff. In early March, the organization implemented several changes to their delivery of service, well in advance of local, state, or federal recommendations. Those interested in these programmatic changes can visit the organization’s website.

Throughout the rapid development of the COVID-19 situation, Springbrook’s hundreds of essential direct support staff have continued to provide critical support to Springbrook clients. Springbrook CEO, Patricia Kennedy, shared, “The strength, dedication, compassion, resolve and fortitude of our direct support staff throughout this situation has been nothing short of inspiring. The essential service they deliver is appreciated more than words can express.” Expressing gratitude and supporting staff who have felt the impact of COVID-19 so intensely, is what lead to the first of Springbrook’s three new initiatives—a one-time thank you payment.

On Thursday, April 2, Springbrook employees who have been providing direct support to students and residents, as well as the employees directly supporting the health and safety of Springbrook direct support professionals and residents, received a special thank you payment. “This thank-you check was meant, first and foremost, to express Springbrook’s appreciation. We also know that many employees have felt the financial burden of this situation—with spouses, significant others, even roommates, losing their jobs. We hope that this small token can help ease some of those burdens,” shared Springbrook COO, Seth Haight.

The second initiative is called the “Taste of the Town” program. Funded by donations to the organization, Springbrook is buying takeout meals for homes the organization operates. With takeout meals purchased through the “Taste of the Town” program, Springbrook’s dietary staff enjoy weekends off, staff and residents enjoy the fun of “going out” to eat, and Springbrook is providing business to local restaurants in communities surrounding the organization’s more than 30 physical locations spread across six counties.

Lastly, in support of staff health and wellness, Springbrook has implemented a new Sick Time Relief policy. The policy guarantees that regardless of the amount of sick time an employee currently has, Springbrook will provide up to 14 days of sick time to cover time away if en employee is quarantined, isolated, or awaiting the results of a test ordered by their healthcare provider. If an employee does test positive for COVID-19, Springbrook has ensured that the employee will receive their full standard pay for the entire time they are out sick. “We believe that choosing between earning money for their family and eliminating the spread of COVID-19 is a burden that no staff member should have to make. This was our way to be sure our employees do not have to make that kind of choice,” said Kennedy.

“We are so proud to employ the very best essential direct support professionals in the area,” said CEO Patricia Kennedy. “These initiatives are our way to show our support for the amazing work they do every day.”

To help support the Taste of the Town program and other Springbrook initiatives, please visit the organization’s website at www.springbrookny.org. Those interested in finding out how they can join the Springbrook team are also encouraged to visit the site.

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