This is the last challenge of 2019. Employees have until October 31 to log all information into the the MyIgniteHealth website. Additionally, in order to qualify for money into your FSA or HSA, a health assessment must be completed. It is also available on the MyIgnite website.

This challenge is for you to become aware of the amount of sugar in the foods you eat as well as making a choice on what you want to do about the amount of sugar you normally eat.

Tip: 4 grams = 1 tsp of sugar

Challenge Details:

  • The goal of the Sugar Challenge is to reduce, replace or remove added sugar in your diet.
  • Read the labels on the processed food you usually eat
  • Look for sugar listed on the food label
  • Check the serving size

Completing this Challenge earns you 20 points!


1. Reduce the amount you normally
2. Replace it with a lower sugar
3. Remove it from your diet


Decrease 20 moments of sugar


Track your progress easily on your MyIgnitehealth portal Log in at


Also complete this month’s Class:

“Sweet Satisfaction: Say YES! to Carbs”

Completion of this Class earns you 5 points! Track all your points and see what Challenge is next at

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