Are they going to Good Will or will you Button Your Pants? Everybody has them…tucked in the back of your closet, the unforgettable pair of pants you once were capable of buttoning. They could be your favorite black chinos, your comfy khakis (that aren’t so comfy anymore) or that much-loved pair of jeans. Yep, they’re in there…you pass them daily in the perpetual search of clothing choice. It’s time to button up!

Completing this Challenge earns you 20 points!


Power of positive thinking, journaling goals, and more.

MyIgniteHealth can help keep you on track!


900 minutes. That’s only 30 minutes per day! Earn your minutes through walking, biking, weight lifting, or any type of exercise.


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Also complete this month’s Class:

Waist Management: Pull Up to the Starting Line

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