Summer is officially here – NO more hiding – get ready to drop the cover-ups and let the summer sun shine on YOU! Summer brings various activities, safety rules, health benefits, and buzzing pests. Embrace all that summer has to offer by working your way to a healthier YOU! Exercising and eating right this summer is a great start!

Completing this Challenge earns you 20 points!


Mix it up! Enjoy the summer sun as you explore different types of exercise you can take advantage of during the nice weather!


750 minutes – That’s only 30 minutes per day! Earn your minutes through walking, running, biking, weight lifting, or any type of exercise


Track your minutes easily on your MyIgnitehealth portal Log in at


Also complete this month’s Class:

Hunter-Gatherer: Shopping and Savings

Completion of this Class earns you 5 points! Track all your points and see what Challenge is next at

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