This Situation Saturday, we want to share gratitude with the Springbrook community. This week, Michelle and Michael Steinhart, parents of Avi, a student at the School at Springbrook’s Golisano Center for Autism, shared the following message of gratitude:

“We are currently living in a very uncertain world and through very turbulent times. With that said, there is one thing that is not uncertain, and that is the commitment, dedication, and professionalism of the staff at Springbrook. While this is very difficult for Avi and the rest of us to be apart, we are grateful each and every day to the staff at Springbrook who are coming daily to make sure that Avi and his friends are cared for, loved, entertained, engaged and well taken care of. You are our true heroes through this all and there is nothing that we could possibly say or do that would be adequate. Stay healthy and strong, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!” 

To the Steinharts, and every family who has chosen Springbrook, thank you. Thank you for giving Springbrook the privilege and joy of being part of your lives.

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The Steinhart’s sat down with us a few months back to talk about their journey to Springbrook; see how they have partnered with the Tom Golisano Center for Autism to offer creative supports for Avi.

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