The Self-Directed Services department wants to say THANK YOU to all of Springbrook’s amazing direct support professionals!

Tim Anderson has been a proud direct support professional at Springbrook’s Ford Avenue Community Home for over 25 years and has announced his retirement this year. Nick Woodcock, a resident at Ford Ave., wanted to express his appreciation during DSP week. “Thank you, Tim, for all your work at Ford, and best of luck in your retirement!” he said. Like and share this shout-out to help us show our appreciation for all the awesome DSPs like Tim!

Tim Anderson

Today we also bring you a shout-out from Tim Ryland, a volunteer with the building and grounds department at Cooperstown Central School, who would like to thank DSP Christine “Tina” Leentjes. Tina has worked with Tim for the past several years at the Cooperstown Central School, where, with great persistence and patience, Tina has helped Tim to overcome his apprehensions and fulfill his longtime dream of using a riding mower. Tina taught Tim to engage the mower and properly cut the grass at the school, as well as at home.

It is Tim’s hope that, with Tina’s assistance, he can become independent in mowing the grass and use the opportunity to create a job for himself as a lawn mower in his local community. Check out the video below, where you’ll find Tim’s awesome shout-out, and leave a comment to show your own appreciation for DSPs like Tina! #DSPRW2021 #ThisMoment #SpringbrookNY

Sherry Waffle, Associate Director of Community Services, would like to give a shout-out to ALL of Springbrook’s Direct Support Professionals “for their continued dedication to the people we serve.” Sherry has spent her career at Springbrook supporting DSP staff and has witnessed the “generosity, compassion, and care they offer each and every day.” She adds, “the hours spent with the people they support and the flexibility they provide to ensure a safe and secure home is nothing less than extraordinary.” This is why it is so important to Sherry and to all of Springbrook that we take time throughout the week (and all year long!) to celebrate our DSPs for all that they do and for their continued support in the community and beyond! #DSPRW2021 #ThisMoment #OxfordNY #SpringbrookNY

Sherry Waffle

Jonah Beltz offers high praise to Ryan Gibson today. Ryan is a DSP who has gone above and beyond expectations for the residents at Springbrook’s Oxford Community Home. Hear it from Jonah:

“Ryan started working for Springbrook as a Day Habilitation assistant. When COVID hit, Ryan was assigned to Oxford house doing Day Hab programming. Ryan saw an opportunity to help out more by applying to work as a DSP for Oxford. He transferred to the [community home] and continued to support residents at the same level – if not more than – when he was a Day Hab assistant. Ryan knows each and every one of the residents here through and through. There is not one person, including coworkers, who do not miss him when he is away. Ryan has a great smile when walking through the door and a passionate heart for each and every person here at [Oxford]. Ryan is a model DSP and Oxford would not be Springbrook Strong without him.”

Thank you, Ryan, for your steadfast dedication in the face of adversity and thank you, Jonah, for highlighting this amazing DSP! #DSPRW2021 #ThisMoment #OxfordNY #SpringbrookNY

For DSP Appreciation week, Michael Mihalko, SDS Coordinator Analyst, would like to shout-out to two DSPs, Nakkia Jefferies and Stephenie Kasmarcik, both of whom work at Century Sunrise Apartments, in Johnson City. These DSPs have “gone above and beyond to help support the people they work with at Century Sunrise Apartments, especially during the pandemic.” Nakkia and Stephenie delivered groceries, attended medical appointments, and helped to educate the tenants on how to stay safe during the pandemic. Above all, they offered a kind ear to the people they serve when those people needed it most. The work of these DSPs, and so many others, has made it possible for the people served by Springbrook to achieve their goals of living independently. A big thank you, Nakkia Jefferies and Stephenie Kasmarcik, for all you do at Springbrook! #DSPRW2021 #ThisMoment #SpringbrookNY

For DSP Appreciation Week Lisa Mayne, a Day Habilitation assistant at the Nichols community home, would like to give a big shout-out to Al Carpenter. Al, a DSP at Nichols, has always made himself available to help when needed and has stepped up to take care of the community home when necessary. Al’s positive personality and the big smile usually seen on his face make all of his hard work look easy! Thank you, Lisa, for the shout-out, and thank you, Al, for all the effort you have put forth on behalf of the people supported by Springbrook! #DSPRW2021 #ThisMoment #SpringbrookNY

Resident Eric Fish sends a BIG shout-out to All DSPs in his house! Eric says, “Hi, my name is Eric Fish, I live in Johnson Circle. I want to thank all DSPs in my house!”

Resident Chris Luis wants to thank all DSPs that work with him! Chris says, “Hi, my name is Chris, and I like to thank the DSP for working here.”

Ford Block resident Steven sends DSP Heather Cole a shout-out for being fun and helping him around the house!

Resident Derek wants to thank all DSPs that work with him at Cook St. Derek says, “Hi my name is Derek, I am so thankful for all the DSPs that work with me.” #DSPRW2021 #ThisMoment #SpringbrookNY

Pauline from Ford Ave., sends a big shout-out to Daryl & Jacob for taking her out in the community. Pauline also sends her thanks to the rest of the staff at Ford! #DSPRW2021 #ThisMoment #SpringbrookNY

Today we have a shout-out going to DSP Haywood “Woody” Edwards from his coworker, Irene G. Hassard, Supported Employment Specialist. Haywood and Irene work collaboratively in the Supported Employment Program. Irene describes Haywood as a stand-up employee who “always gives 100%” and “will do anything” for the people they serve. Further, he’s described as someone who loves their work, which is important in fostering connections and creating community bonds between Springbrook and the broader community. Thank you Haywood “Woody” Edwards for your work. #DSPRW2021 #ThisMoment #SpringbrookNY

We have another BIG shout-out, this one from Gordon Mumbulo, Assistant Director of Community Homes, going out to all of the DSPs working at the Cook Street, Swart Hollow, The Pines, Kelly Corners, Pierstown, Stone Quarry, Milford, and Oxford community homes! Gordon would like to thank the staff for everything that they do on a daily basis and for striving to overcome the many challenges that the Springbrook community has faced over the past year. Springbrook is honored to have such an amazing team of dedicated DSPs. Thank you!

Julie Crowlet-Helcox is a dedicated DSP who works at The Pines and has worked with Springbrook for over 30 years. Her shout-out comes from coworker Donna-Jo Rodriguez, also at The Pines, who describes Julie as a wonderful and meticulous DSP, whose attention to detail shines in the care that she takes in her work. Likewise, Julie’s guidance has not gone unnoticed and is lauded for the care and consideration she offers others. Thank you Donna-Jo for this shout-out and for helping us applaud DSPs like Julie for all the good will they extend beyond themselves.

Lakeisha Barletta wants to take this moment to shout-out DSP Carol Walker for the infinite energy and nurturing spirit she brings to her work at Springbrook!

Heather Anderson, MHA, IPC Springbrook Community Homes, wishes to express her gratitude to “all of the DSPs for their kindness, thoughtfulness, and willingness to go above and beyond what is expected of them.” DSPs are the backbone of Springbrook and these individuals bring unique perspectives and experiences to a career that takes equal patience and compassion. So let’s commend the DSPs today and every day for everything that they do. Thank you!

Sabrina Hogan, GEMS Residential Manager at Susquehanna community home, would like to shout out all of the DSPs at Susquehanna House for their dedication to the residents they serve. Despite the many struggles that the house has faced over the past year “the staff remained committed to our students and created a positive environment. As a manger, I am lucky to have the amazing staff I do and grateful that I get to see the impact they make each and every day”. Thank you, DSPs of Susquehanna House for your teamwork and commitment.

Jessica Rogers, Residential Manager of Grandview community home, would like to shout-out all of the DSPs that work at Grandview House. Jessica wants to express her appreciation for the entire crew, because she finds it difficult to have the chance to do so outside of meetings with individual staff members. She adds that “being a direct support professional is more than your average job. It takes compassion, commitment, empathy and dedication. Each staff at Grandview bring a unique dynamic to the team, which includes individual strengths and weaknesses”. Jessica expresses special appreciation for the following DSPs working at Grandview house:

Paul Beltz, George Kunzel, Josh Willey, Austin Paula, Kyle Pylinski, Melissa Harvey, Jessica Knowles, Erica Neal, Jessenia Giordano, Judy Bice, Elaine Ranc, and Alisha Richer.

Thank you, DSPs of Grandview community home for all that you do!

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