Deb York is a hard worker; she puts everything she has into her job. Deb has always been great with the people she supports and does whatever is asked of her. Since the start of Home Units, Deb has remained positive and has tried to make things fun for the people she works with at Walnut Street. Thank you for everything you do, Debbie!

Joaquin Gonzales has been working as a DSP since March. He has shown determination and flexibility throughout this time by completing NEO via zoom, learning, and training in a different environment than a typical program staff member. Joaquin has taken the time to get to know the residents at Swart Hollow Community Home, and works well with them. Joaquin is well-liked by residents, his coworkers, and the whole Swart Hollow team. Thank you for being flexible and taking the time to get to know everyone, Joaquin. You’re doing a great job and I appreciate your determination!

Saying that Jennifer Grace is a hard worker is an understatement! Jenn brings so much to the team and she is always ready to do whatever is asked of her. Jenn cares deeply about all the people she works with—taking time to do things with them at their pace and trying to make things fun. It’s hard to use words to describe how great she is. Thank you for being a DSP rock star, Jenn!

Kathy Murphy has always been creative and involves each person she supports in all activities. Since the start of this pandemic, Kathy has been working at the Otego Community Home, and she has planned out activities every day for the residents. She has helped them create a “new normal.” Kathy has been one of my go-to people for ideas, suggestions, and assistance with activities and events at Day Hab. Thank you for always being creative and hardworking, Kathy!

Since Day Habilitation was temporarily closed due to the pandemic, Jody Sperbeck has traveled to Morris every day to assist the gentlemen that live there. Jody is also a volunteer EMT/Firefighter in his community and is willing to help where needed and is a hard worker. Jody’s knowledge in the medical field has helped him become a better DSP. He also participates in our annual March Madness Tournament and Home Run Derby every year at Day Habilitation. Though we missed the Derby, this year I know everyone will be excited when we can do it again. Thanks for all you do, Jody.

Stephanie Patrick
Day Habilitation Coordinator

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