Donor dollars at Springbrook are used to enhance the quality of life for those we support, their families, and our employees. This week we would like to highlight the important work of The Springbrook Scholars Program. This donor-funded initiative supports our valued employees to pursue their professional development through college degrees and certifications that are relevant to their work here- either through tuition-free partnerships with regional partners or reimbursement directly to the employee-scholar. Springbrook Scholars is a highly selective program that is an important resource for both employee recruitment and retention. Scholar Brooke Leech said it best- “with the support of my husband and children, the flexibility Springbrook offers, and a generous donor-funded scholarship the hope of someday continuing my education is now within reach. I hope to expand my knowledge to improve the caregiving to the people I serve, better support and lead those I supervise, increase my own confidence, and set an example to my daughters of the importance of lifelong learning.”

If you would like to support our Scholars program please text SPRINGBROOK to 243-725 or click the “Donate Now” button below!

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