In celebration of the gift of communication, we would like to share our excitement over the success of the Livox program. Livox is a specialized communication technology that allows students with communicative difficulties the ability to express their feelings and wishes through an app on their devices. What makes Livox stand out from other technologies is its ability to create full sentences and be interpretative based on the student’s favorite and most used phrases and requests. This makes conversations more expressive and natural. This is what Michelle Myers, Clinical Coordinator for Springbrook had to say about Livox:

“John is using Livox to answer “what” questions regarding the function of items. So far John has mastered 21 different targets for this goal. John primarily uses vocal verbal speech or manual signs to communicate, but Livox has been a great tool to use when someone doesn’t understand his requests due to his articulation deficits.

Joshua is using Livox to label items in his environment. Receptive language skills have been difficult for Joshua in the past. With Livox he has made great progress with this. Joshua has used LAMP in the past with minimal success, so Livox has been a great asset for him.”

This life-changing technology has been made available to Springbrook students at the Tom Golisano School for Autism through the generosity of non-profit organization, Someone Else’s Child (SEC) which supports children’s causes throughout the U.S. and Africa. We are truly thankful to SEC for their support of our partnership with Livox. We are excited to watch more students learn and grow while developing their ability to express themselves with family and friends through this innovative technology.

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