This Situation Saturday we are proud to share that we continue to have zero cases of COVID-19 associated with Springbrook (and we are dedicated to keeping it that way as long as possible). Putting early protocols into place, like closing our locations to visitors, and limiting staff to one work location, using a health monitoring check-in procedure, stressing cleaning and handwashing in our homes, using face masks at all times, and committing to social distancing while at work and at home, have all contributed to our continued success. Thank you to all of our essential direct support staff for their dedication to following these protocols and their unwavering commitment to the people we support.

Today we also invite you to join the Autism Speaks Steps for Kindness initiative and walk 5,400 steps in recognition of the 1 in 54 US kids with autism. The opening ceremony will be held on Facebook Live at 1:00 pm with a sendoff to walk together in blue. Whether around the backyard, around the neighborhood (maintaining a safe social distance), or in place inside your home, let’s come together and walk as one.

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