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February 2020 Policy Update

To address some of the questions that managing employers, support brokers, and employees have, we have provided a few FAQ to help explain Springbrook’s position, policy, and rational as expressed in a letter sent out earlier this year.

Why did Springbrook make this change?

Because the budget has not balanced. Springbrook pays more in salary than can be billed – PTO time is time paid to employees but is not billable time and can never be recovered.

How is PTO accrued?

Every hour worked earns .06123 hours.

Do employees working less than 30 hours and employees working 30-40 hours both accrue PTO?

Yes, both accrue PTO at the same rate.

If I have accrued more than 120 hours, will I lose it?

All existing PTO balances earned, including sick time is available for use through 12/31/20.

If I have more than 120 hours accrued will I continue to accrue time?

No.  When your balance falls below 120 hours, you will begin to accrue again at the rate of .06123 hours for every hour worked.

Will I lose my health insurance?

Time worked must average 130 hours per month or more over a 12-month period to be eligible for health insurance.

A maximum of 120 days can be carried from year to year: am I allowed to earn 120 more hours the following year?

No, a maximum balance of 120 hours will be allowed including time carried from year to year.

Will my hourly rate of pay change?

The maximum hourly rate of pay for employees working respite only will become $17.50/ hour.

Who is responsible for communicating this information to employees?

The Managing Employer is responsible to communicate these changes to staff.  Managing Employers can be parents, individuals, and brokers if (assisting with management of staff).

What Benefits are Available for Part-Time and Full-Time Work?
Type of Benefit Less than 30 hours/wk 30 to 40 hours/wk
Health   X
Dental X X
Vision X X
Pension   X
Short Term Disability X X
Paid Family Leave X X

Questions about benefits can be directed to Vicki Salamon, Assistant Director of Benefits and Wellness.

More Information For:

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Frequently Asked Questions

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