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Home is a powerful concept. Home allows you to feel safe, supported, and connected. Home fosters a sense of security, purpose, and hope. Through everyday explorations to unexpected moments of crisis, Springbrook is home to thousands of people- within our walls and beyond them. For every person who calls the Springbrook community their home, your support provides a place to discover new ideas, pursue a life of meaning with dignity and respect, and dream of all that is possible.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Springbrook has taken proactive and decisive measures to ensure the health and wellness of our community, and the generosity of our donors made so much of this possible. Together, we have addressed the challenges of today, and are now preparing for the months to come. With your gift, we will move forward in building and planning for the future.

Your gift will help Springbrook to:

Create outdoor learning environments for our students

Purchase new and enhanced technology for learning

Install conveniently located handwashing stations

Modify work and social spaces to ensure the safety of residents and staff

Implement new programs to nourish engagement and enrichment

Continue current programs, such as Taste of the Town, Weekend Challenges, and Appreciation Stations

We are grateful that you are part of the Springbrook community, and we thank you for your understanding, kindness, and generosity as you continue to make Springbrook a source of strength and joy.

Springbrook has taken a proactive approach throughout this world-wide crisis, prioritizing the health, safety, and well-being of the more than 1,100 people who choose Springbrook as a service provider and source of stability. In most cases, we have made programmatic and protocol changes in advance of our local, state, and federal authorities. We made the decision to cancel all events in the foreseeable future, including the 2020 Springbrook Gala—This Moment, previously scheduled for April 18.

Thank you to our 2020 Sponsors

100% of our sponsors have generously maintained their sponsorships from our gala, with more individuals following thier example daily . Thank you for making an incredible contribution in THIS MOMENT!


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Maggs & Associates, A Risk Strategies Company
Friends of Sam


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Galway Bay Foundation, Inc.
Health Direct Institutional Pharmacy Services
Kinney Drugs Foundation


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Cooperstown Natural Foods

Eastern Managed Print Network


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Wine Steward

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Francesa Zambello

Faith E. Gay

Harry Levine

Kinvergent, LLC


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