While Springbrook is disappointed in the Governor’s decision to veto the tuition parity bill, we were pleased by her decision to add a $240 million increase in investment for schools serving children with disabilities. The Governor stated: “Following the 4 percent cost-of-living adjustment approved for the 2021-2022 school year tuition rates, the New York State Division of the Budget will authorize an additional cost-of-living adjustment of 11 percent for the 2022-2023 school year – an increase of more than 15 percent over two years. The 2022-23 cost-of-living adjustment will increase preschool and school-age special education providers’ annual funding by more than $240 million, with the State ultimately reimbursing school districts and counties for roughly 60% of this cost.”

This investment will add additional funding to the GEMS, Golisano, and Kids Unlimited Preschool educational programs at the School at Springbrook. As we begin 2022 we are thankful for the support of the Springbrook Community. In the last couple of years we have been tested in unexpected ways, but we are proud of how we have adapted and how our network of supporters has been part of our success. We ask you to keep that momentum strong as we start the new year! An 11 percent increase for the 2022-23 academic year is fantastic, but the underlying problems with New York State’s funding methodology for schools serving children with disabilities still needs to be addressed, beyond one academic year. Please, keep this issue on the Governor’s radar. Visit our advocacy page to find out how you can help! #SpringbrookNY #WellnessWednesday



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