Happy Wellness Wednesday; this week, adaptive physical education teacher and co-coordinator for the Springbrook Scorpions Jonathan Philby, reminds us of the importance of a warm-up exercise before any other vigorous activity. “An excellent warm-up exercise is the low impact or modified jumping jack. This warm-up will get your heart pumping and muscles moving. The more movement of your arms and legs, the more you can raise your heart rate and get those calories burning. To do this, warm-up:

Start by standing with your arms down at your sides and feet hip-distance apart.

Step your one foot out, and at the same time, bring your arms up above your head. Keep your weight on the foot you moved out.

Return to your starting position.

Immediately step your other foot out. Once again, with your weight on that foot, bring your arms above your head.

Repeat several times.

If the individual is in a wheelchair or has trouble standing, the warm-up can be completed by sitting in a chair and continuously bringing the arms up above the head and back down while lifting one leg at a time while sitting in a chair.” 

Be sure to try Jon’s exercise today and remember to stay active!

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