Take a look at all the cool costumes at Friday’s Springbrook Trunk or Treat festivities! Everyone really got into the spirit this year as you can see from the original and fun costumes. Thanks to all who participated! We are truly grateful to everyone who came out and enthusiastically shared their time, creativity, and smiles!

This year’s categories and winners include:
Winners from the Oneonta Campus
Tie for Best Trunk – Grandview and the Preschool Therapists
Scariest costume – Derek Jackson
Coolest costume – Chris Vance
Funniest costume – Lance Monroe
Best Turtles – The Marketing Team

Winners from the Main Campus
Best Trunk- Nightmare Before Christmas- Alexis Ramsey
Scariest Costume- Witch from Snow White – Ruth Zinkievich
Coolest Costume- Alyssa Hall (Cotton Candy)
Funniest Costume- Jon Philby

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