For this week’s Situation Saturday, we would like to take a moment to reflect. The 2020 benefit gala, This Moment, was scheduled for this evening, and while we can’t be together for this Springbrook tradition, we are by no means alone. In the past month and a half, as our world has turned upside down, the Springbrook community has remained strong, united, and ever optimistic. We are proud to share that there have still been zero cases of COVID-19 associated with Springbrook–because of the remarkable work and dedication of our essential staff. And while routines have been disrupted and the cadence of day-to-day life is much different, inspiring, joyful, and meaningful moments continue to happen each day across our organization. These moments can be as “small” as a peaceful afternoon spent reading books and coloring, or as “big” as the critical protocol decisions made by our Executive team–but each one solidifies the privilege it is to be part of this wonderful community.

So, as we consider with some sadness our canceled gala, we remain grateful for the many remarkable people who make Springbrook what it is–including the amazing sponsors who, regardless of a canceled event, have all honored their financial commitments to Springbrook. Their generosity has enabled us to fund our “Taste of Town” program – providing delivery dinners for Springbrook homes from local restaurants; to provide staff appreciation gifts for our amazing essential staff; to support additional in-home activities for the students and residents who choose to make Springbrook their home, and; to provide free childcare for Springbrook employees working throughout this pandemic. THANK YOU to our sponsors and the many, many other donors who have contributed to Springbrook throughout these uncertain times. When we emerge from all of this and look back on This Moment in history, we hope to see a kinder, more united, and more generous world, led by people like those who make up our phenomenal Springbrook community!

Make This YOUR Springbrook Moment

Your support of Springbrook is critical as we continue to meet the challenges of this evolving situation. Please click below to learn more about what your donation can provide during this critical time!

Thank you to our 2020 Sponsors

100% of our sponsors have generously maintained their sponsorships from our gala, with more individuals following thier example daily . Thank you for making an incredible contribution in THIS MOMENT!




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