Whether you want to earn a paycheck doing fun and meaningful work, want to gain real-world experience while you think about your next step, or want to start building a career, Springbrook offers a great starting wage, paid time off, flexible schedules, and other great benefits.

NEW Wage Increase

Start Full-time today and earn $15 to $20 per hour (depending on qualifications and program)

Your Future is Bright

Whether you want to work with children or adults, a non-traditional schedule or more standard hours, part-time or full-time, there is a position for you. Plus, expanded opportunities for training, higher education, and other career advancement opportunities with nearly every position, Springbrook is your job for today and tomorrow!

Why Choose Springbrook?


Springbrook offers opportunities for employees to join the Springbrook Scholars program. This program covers everything from Master’s Degrees and Advanced Certifications to single-course tuition remission.


Springbrook offers some of the best benefits in the area; wellness initiatives, local and regional discounts, paid time off (for most positions), generous retirement options, and more!

Opportunity for Growth

Springbrook is the third largest employer in Otsego County, with positions available in Broome, Madison, Chenango, Delaware, Tompkins, and Chemung Counties. Your first job with Springbrook could turn into a career throughout your life. Click to see other available positions within Springbrook!

Meet Our People

“People sometimes think that showing compassion makes you a weak person, but you have to be really strong to show true compassion. My job is to support our students, but I’ve learned from every student that I work with. I’ve gained so much patience working here. You learn quickly that you need it. I try to be positive and to have fun with the students. And, I try to show the kids that anyone can be rewarded for their hard work. It is just so amazing to be able to share some of my passions with my students and learn from them every day.” – Maggie Reopell, Behavior Specialist 2; The School at Springbrook

A Schedule that Works for YOU

At Springbrook, there are shifts, positions, and opportunities to fit nearly anyone’s career path. Whether you are looking for a 40-hour per week daytime shift, a part-time opportunity to supplement your income or college experience, or like Tim (pictured above), enjoy the overnight shift (he has found joy in 25+ years as an Overnight Residence Counselor), Springbrook has the job for you!

Join Us Today

With so much to offer, Springbrook is the employer for you today and tomorrow. Click below to start your career TODAY!

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