To remain COVID-19 free for as long as possible, Springbrook has put several guidelines in place. The following update to our current Staff Travel protocols applies to ALL staff members, not just those currently in a direct support position as part of a home unit. As we continue to learn more about COVID-19, adhering to the information below will help mitigate risk and protect those we support, along with your fellow staff members.

Unnecessary travel at this time is irresponsible and increases the possibility of exposure to the employee, other staff members, and our residents.
  • All employees should follow all travel guidelines and warnings put forth by the CDC. There should be no international travel
  • Employees should only commute between their home and work location, or to access essential services within their home communities
  • Employees should avoid all unnecessary travel within our region, the state, or the US
  • Noted hotspots change daily and are found throughout the state and country. Staying as close to home as possible is the best way to avoid hotspots


Required Travel Reporting

  • Employees are required to report any planned travel to their supervisor at least two weeks in advance. This is a COVID-19-specific addition to Springbrook’s regular PTO policy.
    • Employees must report any planned travel, even if the travel occurs on regularly scheduled days off and does not require the use of PTO.
  • Employees are required to report any emergency/unscheduled travel outside of our region to their supervisor prior to returning to work after said travel.
  • After any travel outside of our region (planned or unplanned), the employee will be assessed by Springbrook prior to being approved for return to work.
    • Based on the assessment, the employee may not be permitted to return to work until completing a mandatory 14-day isolation. If isolation is required, it will be unpaid (the employee may use PTO if they have it)
      • After completing the 14-day isolation period, the employee will be assessed by Springbrook prior to being approved for return to work
    • The Springbrook assessment will include (but is not limited to) a review of the area(s) an employee traveled to, the length of time a place was visited, and the activities pursed while away. Springbrook will use the most up-to-date hotspot listings from the CDC and New York State Department of Health in this assessment.

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