On the evening of March 4, Springbrook hosted a virtual donor recognition reception in celebration of the Spadaccia Family—donors who have made the Springbrook Scholars RN to BSN Scholarship Program possible. The program supports Springbrook RNs as they obtain their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees from SUNY Delhi. Bob and Meredith Spadaccia were the guests of honor, accompanied by the four nurses awarded the scholarship: Brooke Leech, Jessi LeVeille, Jessica Weston, and Ruth Zinkievich. Some of Bob Spadaccia’s friends, including Lisa Karlin, Robert Hanft, and Ron Lynch, were present. Other attendees included members from Springbrook’s Executive team, the Springbrook Board of Directors, and the Springbrook Foundation Board.

All attendees were mailed an event care package to be opened for the virtual reception, which included various snacks and a Springbrook branded glass for a celebratory toast. The virtual event was delightful, as stories of past years were shared by friends and family of the Spadaccias. The guest of honor, Bob Spadaccia, is a ’70 graduate of Hartwick College. He has remained committed to Otsego County through his past service to Hartwick College and current generosity to Springbrook. His connection to Springbrook started in college when he was a brother of Alpha Sig. His fraternity completed several service projects at what was then The Upstate Home for Children. He reconnected with the organization when Seth Haight, Hartwick class of ’96, became Chief Operating Officer.

To this day, Spadaccia and Haight get together every summer for a reunion where they update each other on personal and professional accomplishments. During the virtual reception, Haight recalled discussing Springbrook’s clinical needs with Spadaccia and how furthering education for Springbrook nurses could benefit the residents who choose Springbrook for support. Shortly after that discussion, the Spadaccia family generously gave and became founding donors to the Springbrook Scholars RN to BSN program. Their generosity has given Leech, LeVeille, Weston, and Zinkievich the ability to further their education without worrying about financial burdens.

Springbrook’s Chief Clinical Officer, Kathy Ramiza, introduced the four nurse recipients of the scholarship, highlighting how each recipient was currently on the Dean’s List at SUNY Delhi and how they use what they learn each day to provide better service to the people they support. After Ramiza’s introductions, each scholarship recipient said a few words thanking the Spadaccias directly for their generosity and for providing such a great opportunity. Brooke Leech, Assistant Manager of Nursing Service, noted, “The Spadaccia’s financial support has allowed me to expand my knowledge and improve the care I provide to the people Springbrook supports.” Fellow recipient Jessica LeVeille echoed this sentiment when she said, “My experience has prepared me to integrate critical aspects of nursing into my practice.” Ruth Zinkievich captured the appreciation of the group as she said, “Thank you, Spadaccia Family, for the opportunity to continue this education journey.” Meredith Spadaccia thanked each of the recipients for all the great work they do daily with a kindhearted smile.

After a brief video montage highlighting the positive effect nursing staff make in the lives of people supported by Springbrook the attendees shared smiles and enthusiastic applause. Springbrook Chief Executive Officer Patricia Kennedy immediately commented after the video with a smile, “Those faces can only make you smile. I go to bed every night sending my thanks out to Springbrook staff for all the great work they do”. Following Patricia’s comment, she raised her glass and gave a toast, thanking the Spadaccia family for their generosity.

Tom Maggs, President of Springbrook’s Board of Directors, spoke a few words, sharing, “I’ve had the experience of a lifetime serving on Springbrook’s Board. The care and love people receive here will bring you to your knees. You couldn’t pick a better place to support, and for as long as I live, I will have a connection here at Springbrook.” As the event came to a close, Bob spoke a few final words, “While it is a financial gift, it comes from our heart. The work you folks do is amazing, and the work you do is so meaningful. I am delighted to do this and happy we could.”

Thank you to the Spadaccia family for all they have done at Springbrook and continue to do. The generosity of the Springbrook Community supports our mission and enables us to provide the best services and supports for residents and staff as we move forward with clarity and courage.

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