Social Seven

While we focus our community on resources during the COVID-19 situation, please enjoy our new series; Social Seven – A Week Full of Ideas and Inspiration!

Meditation Monday

Our first ongoing series, where we will provide ideas to bring some serenity into your week, with the people who make Springbrook great in mind! We hope these tips and exercises will provide a little calm while staff members and program participants make the best of the coming weeks, and that our online community can benefit too.


A Sense of Calm – Meditation Monday

This Meditation Monday, we'd like to share a way that we like to relax here at Springbrook: participating in sensory activities! Whether it's playing music to exercise our singing and rhythm keeping, or practicing a fun sensory shoebox puzzle, exploring our senses is...

Spend Time With Your Pet – Meditation Monday

This Meditation Monday, we're talking about those fuzzy, furry, feathery, finny friends in your house - your pets! Having a pet may help reduce stress and improve your mood. Interacting with pets may help release oxytocin, a brain chemical that promotes a positive...
Smiley Sun

Miles and Miles of Springbrook Smiles – Meditation Monday

There's no denying the feel-good power of a smile. Smiling not only offers a mood boost, but also releases endorphins that reduce stress, increase our endurance, and strengthen our immune systems. This #MeditationMonday, let's take a look at some of the beautiful...
Let's Dance

Let’s Dance – Meditation Monday

Let's DANCE! At Springbrook, we love to show off our moves and get down to the music. Dancing is a great way to destress, so this #MeditationMonday, put on some of your favorite tunes and get groovy!

What’s Cookin’? – Meditation Monday

At Springbrook, we find cooking or baking is a wonderful way to unwind and focus your mind on something both constructive and delicious. Whether sweet or savory, on this  #MeditationMonday, find something yummy to make. Here are some photos of us cooking our favorite...
Memorial Day Tribute

Memorial Day – Meditation Monday

Today we celebrate Memorial Day, observed to commemorate the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Originally known as Decoration Day, the holiday originated in the years following the Civil War, which ended in 1865, and claimed more lives than...

Gardening – Meditation Monday

Gardening is a powerful way to practice mindfulness and meditation. Having to care for plants is a good way to learn to look after and respect other living things, and it helps to develop our appreciation of the magic of nature. It doesn't matter if we're seven or...

Take A Look Tuesday

Our next ongoing series, where we will share some of our favorite photos of moments large and small from the past few years. We are thrilled to share with students, residents, families, and staff some happy memories from around our many programs. The world has changed; it does not mean that our community is gone. We hope that these memories will give you a reason to smile!

Robin Disney 3

The Happiest Place on Earth – Take a Look Tuesday

On this Take a Look Tuesday we wanted to share a few photos from an amazing trip that Robin—a resident of our Sherburne Community Home— took to Florida back in January. With Robin's mother, Kim, living in Florida for part of the year, meeting her daughter for a visit...

Sunny Dispositions in Otego – Take A Look Tuesday

For this Take a Look Tuesday we wanted to show you the awesome homemade sunglasses made by the ladies and gentlemen of the Otego Community Home. Each resident got to select their desired frame, decorate it, and even choose the color of their lenses. Activities like...

Slipping and Sliding – Take a Look Tuesday

On this Take A Look Tuesday we wanted to share one of the fun and creative ways that the essential staff of LaChase House are helping the residents stay cool during these hot summer days. Everyone put on their bathing suits and enjoyed the time outside. Ryan and Josh...

July 4th at Pierstown – Take a Look Tuesday

On this Take a Look Tuesday we wanted to share the way that the ladies of Pierstown—a Community Home in Cooperstown—celebrated the 4th of July. Despite the cancellation of local festivities, both staff and residents enjoyed celebrating the birth of our nation in their...

2020 School at Springbrook Commencement – Take A Look Tuesday

This Thursday (June 25) at 5:30 PM, the School at Springbrook will hold a virtual 2020 Commencement Ceremony, and everyone is invited! Click the button below to RSVP, and watch for social media posts starting this weekend featuring the Class of 2020; we can't wait to...
2019 Sprouts Athletics  10  JPG 8bB6za02 - Sprouting Around - Take a Look Tuesday

Sprouting Around – Take a Look Tuesday

For this Take a Look Tuesday we wanted to share some photos from one of our 2019 Springbrook Sprouts sessions. Springbrook Sprouts is an integrated program for children of all abilities, age 2 through 7. Just like the integrated classrooms at Kids unlimited Preschool,...
2013 Yankees Trip

A Day With the Bronx Bombers – Take a Look Tuesday

On this Take a Look Tuesday, we are flashing back to 2013! Bill Mirabito—Senior Vice President of Mirabito Energy Products and Springbrook Board Treasurer—sponsored a busload of Springbrook participants and staff for a trip to Yankee Stadium for a day of baseball! It...

Wellness Wednesday

Our new Wednesday weekly feature is here to keep residents, students, families, and staff happy and healthy while we all are practicing social distancing. These tips, tricks, and tidbits come from Springbrook Therapy and educational staff, along with a few other trusted resources.

Title Card for SBS videos with Jon Philby

Yoga – Wellness Wednesday

One of the best workouts to achieve both body and mind balance is yoga. While great for strength, flexibility, and stamina, yoga also serves as a source of inner relaxation, with an emphasis on breathing techniques. Take some time out of your day this Wellness...
Title Card for SBS videos with Jon Philby

Full Body – Wellness Wednesday

If you don’t have enough time for several days of exercise a week, it’s important to choose a workout that works your full body. This ensures that all your muscles are worked evenly and that no muscle group is left out. Physical Education teacher and Co-Coordinator...
Title Card for SBS videos with Jon Philby

Balance – Wellness Wednesday

Motion of any form requires balance. It is important to work on your balance to ensure the healthy and proper movement of the body. This is why training fundamentals are so beneficial. Physical Education teacher and Co-Coordinator for the Springbrook Scorpions...
Title Card for SBS videos with Jon Philby

Lower Body – Wellness Wednesday

While the weather is beautiful out, be sure to add some additional lower body exercise to your workout routine. Physical Education teacher and Co-Coordinator for the Springbrook Scorpions Jonathan Philby shares with us an exercise program designed to work out the...
Title Card for SBS videos with Jon Philby

Springbrook Strong – HIIT

Healthy exercise comes in many forms. If a particular exercise isn’t enjoyable to you, be sure to give others a try to figure out what best works for you. Physical Education teacher and Co-Coordinator for the Springbrook Scorpions Jonathan Philby shares with us an...
Whole Wellness Diagram

Taking Care of Your WHOLE self – Wellness Wednesday

This Wellness Wednesday, we want to acknowledge that wellness is more than physical exercise and activities. While exercise is important, your mind, soul, and surroundings play a tremendous role in your overall health. When unforeseen circumstance makes us feel...
Title Card for SBS videos with Jon Philby

Springbrook Strong Stretching – Wellness Wednesday

Stretching is a crucial component of an exercise regimen. Stretching your muscles results in increased muscle control, a better range of motion, and flexibility. Join us this Wellness Wednesday as Physical Education teacher and Co-Coordinator for the Springbrook...

Thinking Thursday

This series of posts are about how we are continuing to learn and discover during the current situation. For example, The School at Springbrook has created fun new ways to deliver educational programming in campus residential houses. Teachers, Therapists, and Direct Support Staff are working together to make sure that students maintain the the skills they have developed while a traditional class environment is unavailable. We are proud of the adaptability of these inventive professionals to provide support, and every Thinking Thursday we will share a way that our amazing team of educators is doing just that!

Nicole and FH

Back in the Classroom – Thinking Thursday

On this Thinking Thursday we thought it would be appropriate to share that we welcomed day students back to The School at Springbrook on Wednesday, July 8th! With all necessary safeguards in place, day students like Finn can finally reconnect with his Teachers and...

Bee Springbrook – Thinking Thursday

This Thinking Thursday we are reflecting on our academic year at The School at Springbrook. We are proud of the progress and choices that students made before and after moving to in-home instruction, and we know that this video reflects the attitude and spirit of The...
Zoom Meeting with Jessica Elliot's Class 6/3/2020

Learning from Home – Thinking Thursday

On this Thinking Thursday we wanted to show you how many of the teachers, therapists, and students of The School at Springbrook are continuing to teach and learn while instruction is being delivered in the homes. The remote classroom presents different challenges to...
Michael on the phone - 2019

Staying In Touch – Thinking Thursday

On this Thinking Thursday we thought we would remind you to keep in touch with your friends and family during these frustrating times of social distancing and isolation. When was the last time you called your best friend? Why not take a few minutes, sit down, and make...
Powell With Newspaper

Staying Informed – Thinking Thursday

For this Thinking Thursday we wanted to share how Powell—one of the residents at Oak and Elm—keeps engaged and focused! Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of talking to Powell knows that he likes to be informed. While he certainly enjoys watching the news on...
Students Learning at Scriven House May 2020

Teaching and Learning at Home – Thinking Thursday

Happy Thinking Thursday! Today we wanted to share some practical ways that the students of Scriven House are keeping their minds razor-sharp! Whether practicing important skills like reading, measuring, and waiting in the kitchen, or developing other important skills...
Alyssa Zoom Therapy

Learning Through Play – Thinking Thursday

For this Thinking Thursday we wanted to say thank you to the teachers and therapists who have gone above and beyond to ensure that the people they support not only continue to learn, but also have fun doing so. Alyssa Hall—Speech Pathologist in The School at...

Fun Art Friday

TGIF; let’s have a little fun! This series of posts will provide different creative activities to bring out your artistic side. We know the value of expression through art, music, dance, and theatre in our many programs, so we hope this brings some of that spirit to residents, students, staff, and our online community. 

CH Coloring Book Header

The Pines, Walnut, and West Oneonta – Fun Art Friday

This is the last of our Fun Art Friday series, concluding the final pages of our Community Homes Coloring Book – featuring The Pines, Walnut, and West Oneonta. Say hi to Bill from The Pines and Vinny from Walnut Street! Click on the coloring book page to get the...
Sweet Briar Easter 2020

Swart Hollow and Sweet Briar – Fun Art Friday

Happy Fun Art Friday! Today we have two more pages for our Community Homes Coloring Book, featuring Swart Hollow and Sweet Briar. Say hello to some of the residents who call these houses home! Click on the coloring book page to get the printable .pdf, and don't forget...

Sherburne and Stone Quarry- Fun Art Friday

This #FunArtFriday, we have two more pages to add to our ongoing Community Homes Coloring Book, featuring Sherburne and Stone Quarry. At Springbrook, we respect the right to privacy of all individuals, and because we don't have photo permission from the folks at these...
20190814 123423 jpg gxPaTG T - Pierstown - Fun Art Friday

Pierstown – Fun Art Friday

This #FunArtFriday, we have another page to our ongoing Community Homes Coloring Book, featuring Pierstown. Say hello to some of the ladies who live there! Jane (left) Princess (middle) and Michele (right), with Home Unit Staff (Rhiannon Ham)Other residents not...

Oxford – Fun Art Friday

This #FunArtFriday, we have another page to our ongoing Community Homes Coloring Book, featuring our Oxford Home. At Springbrook, we respect the rights of everyone, including the right to privacy. Because the residents at Oxford would prefer not to be photographed, we...
Denise, Michelle and John

Otego – Fun Art Friday

This #FunArtFriday, we have an additional Community Homes Coloring Book page for the Otego Community Home. This beautiful house in the Village of Otego is home to John, Marilyn, Denise, and many others, and we are pleased to share their pictures and this fun activity...

Oak and Elm- Fun Art Friday

This #FunArtFriday, we have an additional Community Homes Coloring Book page for the Oak and Elm Community Home. This beautiful house in the center of Oneonta is home to Betty, Brian, David, Lilian, Powell, and Steven; a fun group who have chosen Springbrook as a...

Situation Saturday

These are quick updates about critical programmatic or protocol changes that we have made in the past week in response to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation. As all of us are inundated with information, this is one way that we can help our staff, families, and community keep up-to-date about Springbrook’s COVID-19 response.


Responding With Purpose Update – Situation Saturday

This Situation Saturday we would like to provide an update on the two reported employee cases of COVID-19 at Springbrook. In the first reported Covid-19 case, a staff member of one of the School at Springbrook’s residences reported a presumed positive. Based on this...

Bringing The Home Unit, Home – Situation Saturday

For this Situation Saturday we wanted to revisit the concept of the Home Unit. As one of the most proactive—and effective—measures that Springbrook has taken to safeguard the people we support against COVID-19, we wanted to highlight the fact that this model can be...
SS Featured Image

Caring for Loved Ones at Home During COVID-19 – Situation Saturday

Today we share an article recommended by our own Chief Clinical Officer, Kathy Ramiza. The article is written by Dr. Craig Escude, a board-certified family physician and Fellow of the American Academy of Developmental Medicine. In it, you will find advice regarding...
OCITM header

Family Visitation – Situation Saturday

This Visitation Plan is the next step in Springbrook’s highly successful approach to the COVID-19 pandemic—a proactive, vigilant approach with the health and safety of every Springbrook community member at the heart of each decision.  The bonds that the people we...
Our Community In This Moment FI

Patience and Pain During COVID-19 – Situation Saturday

To the many who love someone who we support - thank you for your understanding, partnership, and patience these past weeks and months. We know that these months of separation from your loved one have been difficult. We know they have been stressful. We know that they...

Gratitude – Situation Saturday

This Situation Saturday, we want to share gratitude with the Springbrook community. This week, Michelle and Michael Steinhart, parents of Avi, a student at the School at Springbrook's Golisano Center for Autism, shared the following message of gratitude: "We are...
Campus Aerial

Building Use – Situation Saturday

Springbrook's priority is (and always has been) the health and safety of each person who is a member of our community - residents, students, employees, and families. This Situation Saturday, we are proud to share Springbrook's Rules and Procedures for using our many...

Sunday Funday

These post are our way of sharing what students, residents, and staff are doing to have some fun! We will also share ways that you can connect without being in the same room. Remember, we ALL need to “stick together” while practicing social distancing!


Essential and Proud – Sunday Funday

Today we are featuring an essential employee, not working for Springbrook, but supported by Springbrook. Bruce Wood, who is a resident of the Century-Sunrise Apartments in Johnson City has proudly performed his job at Good Sheppard Village in Endwell. Bruce knows that...
Games at The Pines

Fun and Games at The Pines – Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday Funday (and Happy Father's Day as well)! This week, we are checking in with our friends at The Pines. These folks love board games, Patty has been mixing it up with Don using photo filters on her iPad and hanging with the house cat, Jingles. Everyone...
2019 School Fun Day

School Fun Day – Sunday Funday

It's a beautiful Sunday Funday — lets flashback to The School at Springbrook's Fun Day from summer 2019. Snacks, smiles, and slip and slides were only a few elements of a sunny day enjoyed by all! Click on the image below to see full-screen pictures from this...
David A - 2017

Spirit Week – Sunday Funday

This Sunday Funday, we wanted to let you know about School Spirit Week; five days of celebration for each of The School at Springbrook houses. Even if you don't live or work on campus, you can join in on the fun too; make sure to tag us (@springbrookny) and we will...
Alyssa Monster Mouth

Cooking With Alyssa – Sunday Funday

We have been offering a Weekend Challenge for students, residents, and staff over the past six weeks, and so for this Sunday Funday, we wanted to show you one of the most fun parts of these weekly games - Cooking With Alyssa! Alyssa Hall is a Speech Language...
Prom 2020

Prom – Sunday Funday

For this Sunday Funday, we are sharing a little bit of fun that happened earlier this weekend at the School at Springbrook! Since our usual Prom was canceled due to social distancing guidelines, we instead decided to hold a semi-formal evening of dinner and dancing...
KUP Appreciation Lunch

Appreciation for Kids Unlimited Preschool – Sunday Funday

It's Sunday Funday again! This past Friday, Springbrook, along with childcare organizations statewide recognized and honored the essential workers providing the crucial service of taking care of children during the COVID-19 pandemic. The NYS Office of Child and Family...

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