This #SituationSaturday we are sharing a message of gratitude that we received from Serena Martin, whose son, John Martin, lives on our main campus as a member of The Tom Golisano Center for Autism. We are so humbled by the response that we are sharing it in its entirety below:

“I am so thankful for Springbrook. I placed my son, John, into the residential school program when he was 9 years old. I was so scared to do so at the time, because not only do I live 2 hours away but he’s my whole world. Within a year I noticed such a huge difference, in fact, I noticed with every visit that he learned more things. Before Springbrook, John ate Pancakes for 9 years—and only pancakes—for every meal. John now eats EVERYTHING! Getting John to this point took time and attention, but the staff kept me updated throughout the entire process. When my son came home and ate a cheeseburger and fries it brought tears to my eyes, because I never thought I’d see him eat anything but pancakes. Not only that, but John can get dressed by himself, make his own bed without being prompted, and has started to read and write. He is still nonverbal, but the staff are working hard to introduce new modes of communication to him, including an application to help him communicate with others. The past two years have been difficult, especially without in person visits. However, I am able to video chat with him anytime I want. The Springbrook staff have maintained constant and open communication with me about my son, and have provided him with birthday parties and Christmas gifts, and send photos of the many different events he attends. I am so happy with choosing to place John with Springbrook and have no doubt in my mind that he’s in the best place for him. I am happy to say that John is 14 and thriving. I recommend Springbrook to anyone who has a relative or friend with Autism. So thank you, Springbrook, and all of your staff for caring for my son as much as I do.”

Thank you Serena for a very nice email, it truly made our day! Remember to share your story of disability this month for Developmental Disabilities Awareness month. You can use the following hashtags or share in the comments.

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