The year 2020 has presented us with challenges and changes to our work life and home life. The year has also provided a perspective and a grounding that has clarified for me what matters the most to all of us at Springbrook. The people we support, their families, our coworkers, and our families.

I am grateful for the good health of each person within the Springbrook Community. Positive cases of COVID-19 among Springbrook staff and the people we support remains significantly low. For those who have contracted the virus, the illness has been mild, with no COVID-related hospitalizations among any member of the Springbrook Community.

I am grateful for the unwavering dedication of our essential direct care and support staff. The people who choose to work for Springbrook inspire me each and every day. Their creativity, the respect and compassion they hold for the people they support, their dedication to their coworkers, their courage in the face of uncertainty – it is difficult to express the joy it brings to my life knowing I am part of the Springbrook community.

I am grateful for the support that families have shared throughout these long months of pandemic life. From the abrupt start of this pandemic, when families were separated from their loved ones, through the changes to daily life and variations to visitation protocols, families have remained hopeful, optimistic, and thankful for what Springbrook brings to their lives.

I am grateful for the guidance and perseverance of our Board and Leadership team. Throughout this pandemic Springbrook has remained a step ahead of each new guideline, protocol, procedure, rule, or regulation from federal, state, and local officials. Our leadership team works with a clarity of purpose – ­enriching the lives of the people who chose to be part of the Springbrook Community – that is firm.

I am grateful for Personal Protective Equipment and the hope of three successful vaccines! Masks work! PPE, used in conjunction with other Home Unit protocols like the Work Check-in Procedure, heightened cleaning, regular hand-washing schedules, and much more, enabled us to prevent the virus for months, and contain it when we did ultimately have cases. With the promise of vaccines in the near future, I am filled with hope for the coming spring!

As I reflect on all that I am grateful for, I am reminded of the sentiment shared by John F. Kennedy, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them.” This virus is unforgiving, it is inconsiderate, it does not care that we are all tired. Tired of our “new normal.” Tired of Zoom calls, remote schooling, no travel, restricted activities, time away from our family and friends. This Thanksgiving, to live by our gratitude, we must be tireless.

Despite the fatigue, I urge you to keep your in-person Thanksgiving celebrations small, with only those within your household. I urge you to celebrate this holiday weekend at home. The joy of this holiday is not found in Black Friday crowds, in hours spent in cars or airplanes, or large gatherings. The joy of this holiday is in sharing our gratitude for the little things.

I know this year has been rough. I see your strength. I am grateful for your continued partnership and dedication to Springbrook and I wish you all the best this Thanksgiving.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.


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