Shannon Carreras – 10 Year Milestone

Interim Special Education Teacher – The School at Springbrook GEMS Program

Congratulations, Shannon Carreras on your 10-year Springbrook Milestone! Shannon started at Springbrook as a Direct Support Professional at The School at Springbrook’s Penthouse Residence. From Penthouse, she transferred to Sunshine house and then received a position as a classroom aid for the education program. Her transition to the education program inspired Shannon to obtain her Licensed Teaching Assistant certification and continue her education to get a degree in teaching. Shannon has been working as a Special Education teacher at Springbrook for three years now and enjoys going to work each day and seeing the students she works with and the excitement on their faces when they see her.

Many of Shannon’s most memorable moments at Springbrook involve the students she supports and their hard work to gain new skills. She gets to see students she works with growing, succeed, and live fulfilling lives—this has been one of the many reasons Shannon has stayed with Springbrook through the years. “I simply love what I do and the students I work with. They give my work a greater purpose, and I could never thank them enough. I have made amazing relationships over the years with families, students, and co-workers,” shares Shannon. Thank you for your years of service, Shannon, and congratulations on your Springbrook Milestone.

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