Sarah Lohr – 15 Year Milestone

Assistant Director of Community Homes

Congratulations to Sarah Lohr for reaching her 15-year Springbrook Milestone! Sarah started working at Springbrook as a House Manager at the Glensbridge Community Home. She shares that some of her best days were working there, getting to know the people who lived there and being creative to ensure that residents lived a quality life. Sarah then became an Assistant Director, where she could share all her skills and expertise with a broader range of people.

Sarah shares that working at Springbrook gives you a different perspective on people. “I’ve supported individuals and staff in the best of times, and in the most challenging of times, and in return, I have experienced kindness and loyalties that I would never have otherwise.” These experiences are some of the many reasons that Sarah’s coworkers, friends, and family describe her as an incredible and passionate person.

Sarah enjoys what she does, and also finds it hard to believe how many years it has been. “Just the other day, I spoke to the mother of someone I worked with when I first started. We had to review Covid matters, and when she mentioned her grandchildren, I automatically thought of them as 2 and 4 years old…wondering to myself how she was going to manage to support her son and grandchildren on a visit. She gently reminded me that the grandchildren are now teenagers,” said Sarah. Congratulations on your 15 year Springbrook Milestone!

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