This year marked the first annual Disability Rights and Employment Awareness Month (DREAM) Symposium held by Governor Kathy Hochul with Chief Disability Officer Kim Hill. This symposium was held on October 6th to highlight the value of disabled persons in the workforce and to “assist in matching prospective qualified candidates with employment.”

Springbrook’s Employment Services are innovative programs designed to take independence a step further by encouraging people of all abilities to be employed in the community. Participants in the program have worked in various roles, with businesses such as Denny’s, the SPCA, and Family Dollar. These supports may also include but are not limited to classroom training, individualized coaching, and assistance with the application and interview process. For more about Springbrook’s Employment Services please see click here.

To learn more about the National Disability Employment Awareness Month initiative, click here.

To learn more about employing a person with a disability, visit the EmployAbility page on the OPWDD website here. This page will help you learn more about employment and disability and help inform the practice of diversity and inclusivity in your workplace.

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