Michelle Myers – 10 Year Milestone

Clinical Coordinator – The Golisano Program at the School at Springbrook

Congratulations to Michelle Myers for her 10-year Springbrook Milestone! Michelle is currently the Clinical Coordinator for the Golisano program, and over her time at Springbrook has been an Assistant Behavior Specialist and an Assistant Clinical Coordinator.

When Michelle first started at Springbrook, she enjoyed it but shared that she began with the organization as a backup plan. She wanted to work as a Sports Psychologist. But, the longer she worked at Springbrook, the less it felt like a job, but rather a staircase for her career. Michelle shares, “My position in this field might evolve, but the goal for my career will always be to provide the best support for the individuals I support.”

Michelle shares, “Being able to work professionally to help students gain independence has been very rewarding. Any improvement, no matter how big or small, is intrinsically satisfying for me.” Michelle has been able to do what she enjoys and build a career at Springbrook. Some people have the opportunity to change the lives of others indirectly, but Michelle gets to do that for hundreds of individuals directly, and she says the feeling is “euphoric.”

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