Michele Cleveland – 10 Year Milestone

Day Habilitation Coordinator – Capstone Day Habilitation Program

Today we recognize Michele Cleveland for her 10 year Springbrook Milestone! Michele began her career at Springbrook as a shift coordinator at the Milford Community Home, hearing about Springbrook through a friend. Later she was promoted to a residential supervisor and then transitioned to her current position as a Day Habilitation Coordinator. When she first began, Michele never thought she would be in a supervisor’s role, but Springbrook recognized her skills and dedication, and Michele has made a career at Springbrook. Michele shares that she has stayed at Springbrook all this time because she loves what she does, and loves having the ability to move up in a great organization that has great benefits and an amazing community.

Working at Springbrook has reinforced Michele’s values and has given her the opportunity to help people from all different walks of life. When we asked Michele what she got out of working at Springbrook she said, “I get the joy of knowing that I am making someone’s life a little brighter whether it be sharing a joke, listening to music, or watching a movie together.” Thank you for your continued service Michele, and congratulations on your Milestone accomplishment.

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