Lydia Garlick – 20 Year Milestone

Teaching Assistant, Kids Unlimited Preschool

Today we are thrilled to recognize Lydia Garlick for her 20-year Springbrook Milestone! Lydia began at Springbrook while she was in college, working weekends in The School at Springbrook’s residential homes. After completing her degree in early childhood learning, Lydia accepted a position as a shared aid with The School at Springbrook, where she split her time between classroom and residential work. Working in The School at Springbrook gave Lydia time to hone-in on her passion—working with younger students. When Lydia’s daughter began Pre-K, Lydia then took a position as a Teaching Assistant at The School at Springbrook, so her schedule was better aligned with her daughter’s. In 2019, Lydia transitioned to a Teaching Assistant position at Springbrook’s Kids Unlimited Preschool.

During her evening and weekend time away from work, you can find Lydia outside in the nice weather reading a favorite book, gardening, or spending quality time with her daughter. Lydia describes herself as “grounded” and shares that, “working at Springbrook has kept me grounded, and has taught me to approach life with a good attitude, because no two days are ever the same.” She shared with us that what she enjoys about her job is taking the opportunity to cheer people up who may not be having a great day. “Making one person’s day better can make another person’s great as well, and it’s a chain reaction of positive feelings,” said Lydia.

Lydia shares that Cathy Lien, Lead Teacher at Kids Unlimited Preschool, has been a valued colleague and friend throughout her career at Springbrook. Cathy has always been there to help Lydia in any way possible and has always had a great work ethic and a positive attitude—two characteristics that Lydia finds very important in a person. Lydia spoke highly of Cathy and is so grateful that they have been working together for the last 13 years.

Lydia’s advice for current and new Springbrook staff is simple—always come to work with a positive attitude. She also explains that working at Springbrook isn’t for everyone—you need to want to help others and always put the needs of those you support first to succeed.

Lydia’s friends, family, and colleagues will tell you she is kind, caring, dependable, and truly passionate about her work. When asked why she has stayed with Springbrook throughout the years, she happily answered, “I have stayed at Springbrook because I am comfortable and happy here. Springbrook is a place where I can help others and make changes in people’s lives. I found my niche!” Lydia’s kindness, passion, and positive attitude are inspiring.

Congratulations, Lydia, on your 20-year Milestone!

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