Students at LeChase House have been busy with fun activities during their pet themed week. The main focus for the week was birds, and the students got to work on custom bird crafts that they now have on display in the house. The highlight of the entire week was the organic apple bird feeders the students got to make and set up outside for different creatures to enjoy in the cold winter months. The organic bird feeders are environmental safe and are simple to put together. You’ll need a few ingredients to create your own.

  • Natural bird seed
  • Peanut butter
  • Apples
  • Biodegradable yarn

To get started, simply cut some apples in half and remove the core of the apples and set aside. Next, mix the peanut butter, bird seed, and any spare pieces of mushed up apple together. Then, press the mixture back gently into the apple halves and hang them up outside with the biodegradable yarn. If you do not have any laying around, simple set the apples on the ground, mixture side up. This is a great snack for all the critters, and doesn’t leave a mess. If you have any leftover mixture, be sure to spread it on the ground so other animals can enjoy, rather than making waste. Once you’re done, you’ve created a wonderful bird feeder that is great for the environment. It was a fantastic activity, and the students at LeChase house all had big smiles on their faces after seeing what they created. They’ll have an even better time looking outside to see what birds fly by for a quick snack!

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