This Situation Saturday we invite Springbrook parents, family members, and advocates to connect with us next week for a live “Situation Report” for families! Next week we are offering three live Zoom webinars hosted by our Chief Executive Officer, Patricia Kennedy, Chief Operations Officer, Seth Haight, Chief Clinical Officer, Katherine Ramiza, and Program Directors. These webinars will be an interactive way for us to provide families with updates of our most recent protocol changes, discuss Springbrook’s next steps in response to COVID-19, and answer questions from families in real-time. In the interest of safeguarding the privacy of these family webinars, we will not post the dates, times, or Zoom links on any social media channels. If you are interested in attending and have not yet received this information via email, please feel free to email Springbrook at or contact us on Facebook Messenger. We will send a private email with webinar details.

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