Jody Sperbeck – 10 Year Milestone

Day Habilitation Assistant – Oneonta Capstone

Today, we recognize Jody Sperbeck for his 10-year Springbrook Milestone! Jody is a Day Habilitation Assistant and also an instructor for First Aid and CPR. Jody started at the Kelly Corners Community Home and then transferred to the Nichols Community Home before moving to his current position. Jody’s friends and coworkers will tell you that he is hardworking, enjoys working with the people he supports and is an exceptional advocate for the people he supports.

Jody shares that a big reason he has stayed at Springbrook over the years is his passion for helping others. Seeing the residents and students happy and accomplishing their goals is fulfilling and what makes Jody enjoy his work. When we asked Jody to share some of his favorite moments at Springbrook he said, “Working with one of the residents at Nichols. I was able to see his changes and his growth toward a better life.” Jody also shared that teaching First Aid and CPR to new staff is also an important part of what he does, and he enjoys knowing that what he teaches can potentially save a life. Thank you so much for your years of service, Jody, and congratulations on your 10-year Springbrook Milestone.

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