Jennifer Grace – 10 Year Milestone

Day Habilitation Assistant – Oneonta Capstone Day Habilitation

Jennifer Grace is a Day Habilitation Assistant but has worked other positions in her 10 years at Springbrook. Jennifer began working overnights as a Residence Counselor at Stone Quarry, then transferred to Averill Road until she became a Day Habilitation Assistant at the Oneonta Capstone Day Hab. Since establishments of the Home Units, Jennifer has been working at the Pierstown residence.

Jennifer is genuine, hardworking, and sincere. She shares that she enjoys working at Springbrook because she loves what she does, and has formed so many life-long friendships with the people she supports and their families. Jennifer was recognized for her hard work, dedication, and passion when she received the Belden Award, given to Springbrook’s most exceptional employees. Jennifer shared that receiving the Belden Award was an honor and a moment from Springbrook that will stay with her forever.

Jennifer shares that all future Springbrook employees should, “…ask questions, be honest, and always go into each shift with a fresh perspective. It can be difficult, but always remember not to take anything personally”. Congratulations, Jennifer, on your 10-year milestone, and thank you for making a difference in the lives of everyone you support at Springbrook.

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