Today we would like to recognize the Black Family Foundation for their generous support, which allowed Springbrook to hire our Early Child Access Coordinator, Jackie MacDavitt! Jackie joined Kids Unlimited Preschool in October and helps families to access appropriate special education services for their preschool-age children.

Jackie is our liaison between school districts and parents as they navigate the individual evaluation process with their child. This involves having the child meet with a psychologist and with a speech, physical, and/or occupational therapist depending on their needs. It is a complicated process and usually involves multiple meetings in different locations over several weeks.

Since Jackie came on board, she has streamlined the team’s scheduling so that more children can be evaluated. She also coordinates the clinical team’s reporting, which assures that the school district can respond in a timely manner to determine what services are appropriate to the child’s needs—these may include placement in a special education preschool such as Kids Unlimited, specific therapies, or other services. The result? Each week children are accessing evaluation services and their families are receiving assistance in finding appropriate supports to address their child’s developmental needs.

The Black Family Foundation trustees have provided grant support for Kids Unlimited Preschool and other Springbrook programs for many years—even visiting in person to see them in action. We are fortunate to have partners like this who share our mission! Thank you!


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