Donors really make a difference for 60 of Springbrook’s students and adult residents with mobility challenges!

Our therapy team uses specialized equipment like the mobile standers pictured here to promote upright positioning and weight-bearing, which are essential to maintaining health and developing strength, balance, and control. A mobile stander with accessories costs more than $5,000, and insurance won’t pay for shared equipment – that’s where donor support saves the day!

Having a variety of equipment sizes and accessories available for shared use in Springbrook’s school and Capstone Day Habilitation Program settings allows students and residents to engage in alternative positioning and activity throughout their day. It also allows students and staff to trial different solutions as needed. Your gift can help our therapy team do their best work and provide an excellent quality of life for the people Springbrook supports. Please give today by texting SPRINGBROOK to 243-725 or make your gift with the button below!

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