Capstone Day Hab held an Olympic Field Day at Springbrook’s Oneonta Campus recently, and it was the perfect opportunity to debut the new recreational wheelchair! The new chair has heavy-duty rubber wheels that enables the person using it to move safely and easily on grass, sand, or rough surfaces that would damage a regular wheelchair. It’s also waterproof – which makes it perfect for summertime outdoor fun!

A generous local foundation provided a grant to purchase the special wheelchair, as well as other equipment for the day hab. The foundation’s trustees make many grants, but prefer that their gifts remain anonymous. We at Springbrook are grateful for their support which provides resources like this that go above and beyond the basic program requirements and expectations!

The day began with an opening ceremony that included a (non-flammable) torch relay. Four teams of “Olympians” competed in creatively adapted events including an aluminum foil shot put throw, “weight” lifting, volleyball, a bike race, and a water balloon toss. It being a hot August day, a sprinkler was set up to allow everyone a chance to cool down. A few of the participants that day use a wheelchair for mobility, and each had an opportunity to take a turn in the waterproof chair. Medals were awarded, and a parade of athletes closed out the day.

The Olympics field day was planned and organized by therapy interns Lauren McCarthy and Alexis Files, with input and guidance from the therapy team of Mary Dolan (PTA), Kerry Coons (OTA), and Karen Sacco (OT). The Day Hab program coordinators helped to gather supplies and prepared a hearty barbecue lunch. In preparation for the event, participants decorated t-shirts representing different national teams to add to the competitive spirit. This was the largest Capstone group event since the COVID pandemic began, attended by residents of 7 Springbrook community homes. All activities were held outdoors, and the majority of participants and staff have been vaccinated against COVID-19.


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