The SUNY Delhi Nursing Club kicked off community outreach efforts by collecting and delivering supplies to the School at Springbrook and Kids Unlimited Preschool on Friday, April 7th. The Nursing Club is a newly formed group of nursing students that strive to put their knowledge and skills into practice by donating and volunteering within their community.

Some members of the SUNY Delhi Nursing Club were Springbrook interns who valued the mission and vision of Springbrook and wanted to contribute to the community we support. Nursing Club board member Christopher Bunt II shared, “Because we were students, we thought this was a good way to do more outside of our clinical expectations”. Christopher added, “We loved the resources and opportunities your facility provided to the kids, and we wanted to you help them to better their stay and keep them engaged and happy”.

If your club or organization would like to support and discuss how to help Springbrook meet the ever-changing needs of those we support, please email

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