The halls are alive with the sound of… drums! Thanks to a Holiday Match Grant from Stewart’s Shops, Springbrook music therapist Darcy Perez purchased a high-quality handmade drum set for the music program that can stand up to several years of daily use.

Music therapy is a powerful tool to help students develop self-expression, self-control, and social skills in addition to playing music. Many students are non-verbal or have difficulty with speech, so drumming is used in nearly every music class and individual session. Everyone can participate as adaptations can be made even for those with limited mobility.

Holiday Match funds come from customer donations collected at Stewart’s Shops and matched by the Stewart’s Foundation. Grants are then awarded to benefit local youth programs. Springbrook has received Holiday Match Grants from Stewart’s in past years for the Sprouts Special Olympics program, art activities, and the Kids Unlimited Preschool. Thank you to Stewart’s and their customers for this support!

Pictured: School at Springbrook Director Traci Lanner, local Stewart’s Shop Manager Angelina, School at Springbrook student Emily, Music Therapist Darcy Perez, and School at Springbrook student Melanie.

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