Our talented team of Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs, often referred to as speech therapists) was excited to add many useful resources in support of their students this year – all thanks to an anonymous and generous grant donor! Nearly every student at the School at Springbrook receives speech therapy to address problems with speech, language, or swallowing.

Springbrook has been partnering with SLP graduate programs – connecting us with new professionals who come here to provide this important service and enthusiastic graduate interns. As a result, we have a fully staffed, well-qualified, and dedicated team of SLPs working with our students. Thanks to the grant, they now have a full collection of specialized tools. One of these tools is a treatment kit to systematically teach the building blocks of speech. The other tool is a re-recordable switch device that can be used for non-verbal students to communicate (pictured). In addition, a new selection of games and card sets are used for individual therapy and small group sessions.

Thanks to our anonymous donor for providing resources to our dedicated and talented SLPs so they can help their students communicate!

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