Springbrook promotes independence and dignity for every person who chooses our services. Our physical therapy team’s approach to promoting independence for people with mobility limitations is to emphasize standing, weight-bearing activity, and mobility. Some people require adaptive equipment to assist them in maintaining an upright position. Several School at Springbrook students use mobile standers like those pictured on a daily basis.

Mobile standers allow the people using them to propel themselves and steer using their upper body, while also building core strength. Rifton Equipment uses feedback from therapists at Springbrook to improve their designs and provides a discount on our purchases.

Jofre is using the larger model, which was purchased two years ago with grant funds. This was a significant improvement over older models, so this past year we applied for another grant to purchase a smaller stander to accommodate even more students. A local foundation who would prefer to remain anonymous provided funds for both standers. Ryan and Joffrey are now able to be up and about at the same time, sharing fun (and therapeutic!) activities.

Thank you to our anonymous foundation supporter – you are making a difference!

You can donate below or by texting SPRINGBROOK to 243-725 to make a gift today!

[pictured are physical therapist Deb France, and teaching assistant Keisha Barlett, with students Ryan and Jofre]

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